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Using Our Products

Please see the following instructions on the best way to use our products!

Conjure Oils

On the labels of all our conjure oils, you will find exactly what the intended use is for. However when using our oils there are some things that you should know and do. Our conjure oils are made with the first intention being that they’re for conjure purposes. This means that they should be used in rituals, root work, candle magic… etc. Dress your candles with the oil or add the oil to corresponding spell tools. Certain oils are great to add to spiritual baths and certain ones are great to use by being worn (please patch test). All oils should be cleansed spiritually before being used. Also before using them please add your own personal intentions into the oil. This will allow you to connect with the oil and amplify the intentions placed inside the. Every now and then go shake the bottle so the energy won’t become stagnant. All oils shelf life is 1-1 1/2 years. Use at your own discretion after the expiration date. 

Spiritual Colognes

Spiritual colognes are blessed and charged spiritual waters. These colognes have blessings, intentions, consecrated herbs, and essentials oils placed inside to bring forth high vibrations into your home, place of business, and or your spiritual body. This product can be added to floor washes, added to spiritual baths, or placed into a spray bottle and used that way. When you receive a product from us you should first spiritual cleanse it. Once cleansed, you will then place your own intentions into it to further make it personal. The expiration date for our Spiritual Colognes are 2-3 months.

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