Goddess Cookie Spray

Goddess Cookie Spray

The Goddess Cookie Spray is like a vaginal facial! It will leave you feeling clean and smelling clean and refreshed! Made from all natural ingredients! This spray is made from rose water, apple cider vinegar, coconut oil and other essential oils that is good for balancing the ph levels in the vagina and eliminate odor. 

This spray is used after using the bathroom and after sex. It is also good to keep the vagina fresh through out the day. Simply spray the OUTER area of the vagina. Please do not use internally! This is for external use.

*Before use please do the patch test. Apply the product to your wrist and wait 24hr to see if allergic reaction. If you have an allergic reaction then please don’t use and trash product. Goddess Ronetra is not a medical professional and is not responsible for any complications from use of product. If you have any complications please discontinue use and seek medical professional help. Please use this product at your own risk!*

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