Magic Bars (Soap)

Magic Bars (Soap)

These soap are great to use when I’m between spiritual baths or during one to amplify your energy! They are all infused with the correspond magical oils, essential oils, Shea butter, coconut oil,pure intentions, and my Ase!

If you are looking to attract wealthy suitors, money magnetism and longevity, prosperity, and abundance then this is the perfect product.
This luxury bar soap is used in the famous Rich Bitch Ritual! It is infused with magical oils, essential oils, pure intentions, and real 24K gold flakes! It should be used during the Rich Bitch bath along with the Rich Bitch Oil!

Money Bag is the perfect soap to not only attract money in your life but to also help keep it stability in your finances! This soap is amazing if you are working on your credit, keeping balance in your finances or just want a better relationship when it comes to your finances!

Florida Drip: This is the soap that cleanse away negativity (negative energy and entities) and raise your vibration at the same time. It attracts back positive energy and positive spirits!

Heal Thyself: If you are trying to bring forth calmness, peace and happiness during a tough time then this is the soap for you! It helps you during emotional times especially if you’re deep in your shadow work! It will lighten your aura to attract peace and happiness!

Egyptian Goddess: Fall deep in love with yourself with this soap! This self promotes self love, self worth and over all happiness! Feel confident when you use this soap!

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