Parfum De Luxe

Parfum De Luxe

Sooo my perfumes are officially available! Last year for Valentine’s Day I did a kit that had actual attraction perfumes in it and they work wonders for the ones who purchased the kit! This year I’m only doing the perfumes! I will have 3 Erotica and Alluring perfumes and 4 Rich Bitch perfumes! Hurry and grab them while they’re available!

Erotica will be a more sweet/spicy type of scent and will be for pure attraction. The attraction can be for new suitors, money, or even new opportunities. Turn heads with this scent!

Alluring is a floral scent and is for pure romance. This scent will be for attracting new suitors with the intentions of commitment!

The new scent is Rich Bitch and we already know what RB is all about! The scent will be sweet with a hint of spice! Rich Bitch will be for money manifestation and also to attract high value men. 

All of these scents will be made with pheromones, my oil blends, and of course the perfume agents!

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