Conjure Oils

Conjure Oils

Conjure oils are oil blended with essential oils, herbs, prayers, and good energy. Each oil has its own properties and corresponding herbs, essential oils, and prayers to gowoth ot! Make sure to look at each picture to pick the right oil for you!

Love Sick: This is my come to me oil. It’s good for attraction, new love, attracting a lover back, and confidence boost.

Rich Vixen: Luxury, Luck & Prosperity attraction, femininity, abundance

Higher Power: Spiritual & Physical protection, psychic ability amplifier, trauma releasing, healing

Crown Of Success: Upper hand in a situation, success, slight domination over a person or situation

Egyptian Goddess: Self love, self discovery, acceptance of self, beauty

Money Bag: Financial responsibility, financial blessings and abundance, financial freedom, stability in finances and career

Clarity: Spiritual insight, clarity in situations, truth. It also have healing properties and is good for immunity boost and respiratory health

NastyXXX: libido amplifier, kundalini rising, sexual attraction, sexual manifestation

Fire: Firey wall of protection & hexing oil

Florida Drip: blockage remover, spiritual cleanser, road opener

Lucky Charm: turn bad luck into good luck, super charge your spiritual items with this oil.