Hoodoo University

Hoodoo University


I am soooo excited to present Hoodoo University finally! I been working on the curriculum for about a year and some months and I can finally present it to you!

Hoodoo University will be for all my beginners that want to dive deeper into the practice! I will be breaking it down over a course of 13 weeks in a private Facebook group! There will interactive posts and lives, assignments, and homework that will be in this course for the student to do. Every Friday we will go live to discuss the topic of the week and to get clarity and understanding for the ones who is confused!

Some of the weekly topics available within this course is:

💋Hoodoo Origins and History
💋Herbs Specifically For Hoodoo
💋Rootwork Broken Down Into Categories 
💋Hoodoo Elements Break Down
And some other amazing topics so you can leave the class ready and confident to start officially practicing!
Class will officially begin on 6/5 and the group will have the entire curriculum for all students to download! The spots are first come first serve!

Respectfully I want to keep the practice of Hoodoo sacred to slave descendants/ black people. It’s not just an open practice like everyone believe it to be!