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Hoodoo Fixed Candles

Hoodoo Fixed Candles

Hoodoo candles are fixed with blessings, herbs, roots, oils, and prays to allow you to manifest the best way possible no matter what it is! These candles are hand poured, dressed, and prayed over by Goddess Ronetra and her assisting spiritual team!

Candle Breakdown

888: Money Manifestation, Financial Blessings, Money Magnetism

Hoodoo Goddess: Self love, Self Affirmation, Self Acceptance, Self Actualization

Love Is The Motive: Come To Me, Attraction, Lust Attraction

Ancestor Altar: Spiritual Protection, Spiritual Communication, Intuition Meditation

Witches Want War: Return To Sender

Untie The Knot: Uncrossing, Turning Bad Luck Into Good Luck, Cleansing

Please make sure to see our instruction page on what to do when you get your candles!

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