Ancestor Money

Ancestor Money

Ancestor money is great way to step up your ancestor altar work! I have created four different pieces of ancestor money that displays the struggles within African American history. Each piece tells a story of black ancestors and how they had to fight hard and overcome deadly obstacles in order for us to live comfortably (I’m using that word tightly) in today society.

The idea of producing it was to supplement "real" money to give to deceased loved ones. The concept was that the passed on family members can use this "money" in the afterlife to get things they need. 

​Simply put, ancestor money is paper that you can burn to send into the spirit realm. This burning ritual at your ancestral altar provides the ancestors with what they need on the "other side". Ancestor money also dissolves negative debt karma, usually caused by debt. 

Each piece will be dressed in frankincense and myrrh resin smoke and blessed by two specific ancestors of mine. Please make sure you specify which piece you want at checkout or i will send what spirit leads me to send!